Hi my name is James the Great. I named myself that following the numerous adventures and crusades I lead in my two-story house on 55 Main Street.

What adventures you might ask? There was many a day that I would tie my favorite brown blanket around my neck and put on my dad's black army boots to fight the dragons that lived in my room. One day, me and my trusty sidekick, Mr. Mosquito, caught and destroyed a unicorn that escaped from my sister's room. Several times I almost drowned in the Swamps of Alzeria if it had not been for the rope thrown to me by Elba, the singing jungle queen. I like her, she's really nice, and reminds me a lot of my mom. Currently, I am exploring the dark side of the moon. There are 39 craters that need to be searched for blood sucking ladybugs, nine-legged alien spiders and displaced Martians.

Too bad the other 2nd graders in my class lead such boring lives!

I am James the Great and a great crusader's work is never done!

Copyright 2005 by Mari

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