The CryBaby
Jim the caterpillar was changing. He was always worrying about something. If he wasn't worried, he was crying about everything. He was the largest and furriest crybaby ever! He was driving his friends crazy. He really wanted to be the finest caterpillar and he tried to not be a crybaby but he couldn't help it. Some of his friends that were birds thought about buying a big pot and frying him for dinner.
When he was outside playing, his nicer friend George the bumble bee, carried him to the other side of the playground and told him about the party. Jim asked if he was invited and George said, "Yes, you are the food!" Jim was so scared. George told him, "Get out of here!" Jim obeyed. He was last seen hurrying home and he stayed there where it was much safer.
When it was partytime, the birds went to Jim's house to bring him to the party. All they found was a dried shell. Jim had turned into a butterfly and flew away.

Copyright © 2005 by Mari

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