Once upon a time, there were three pigs who were brothers.

One lived in a cabin in the meadow. Another lived in a modern motel in town. The third pig, who was rich, lived in a palace in a warm climate in the East.

For no reason, pigs were vanishing all over the world. The police's number 1 suspect was the wolf, but he was ruled out. He was now a friend to all pigs every since he became rich after finding that four leaf clover. He took most of his money and opened a raisin factory.

The cabin pig realized he had not spoken to his brother that lived in the motel in a long time so he called him.

"What are you having for dinner?" the motel pig asked his brother.

"I'm having a salad," he said.

Then at that moment the cabin pig shouted, "HAVE MERCY! WHAT'S BEHIND ME?"

"HELLO? HELLO?" his brother said into the phone, but there was no answer.

The pig could not be found. The wolf was called in for questioning but soon released. He had been home eating a raisin pie.

Two weeks later, the motel pig went to the soda machine to get a diet soda . He grabbed his soda, turned around and yelled, "HOLY COW! OINK! OINK! OINK!" He was never seen again.

The wolf had an airtight excuse this time too. He had been visiting his poor sick grand-mama at the G. Locks Retirement Home some 20 miles away from the scene of the crime.

So only the third pig was left. It was late one night and he got a call from the wolf.

"Can you do me a favor and pick me up by the woods. My car is broken and I need a ride to the hotel."

"Sure!" said the third pig.

But when the pig got there all he saw was a barbeque grill.

"It's a bad habit to leave an open fire in the woods," said the pig.

"Get in!" a voice said.

The pig turned around and it was the wolf. "What are you talking about, Wolf?"

The wolf took off a mask. It was the spider!

The spider wanted to punish pigs. He blamed pigs for killing his wife Charlotte.

Just then a gust of wind blew the spider into the barbeque grill.

The end

the spider hated pigs worldwide
but he needed a disguise to hide
so he darned a wolf mask
grilling a pig was his task
but in the end, instead he got fried

Copyright 2005 by Mari

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