A donkey named Robert fell down a well.
From the well, he could not repel,
so the donkey started to cry.

Farmer McDonnell sat down on the ground
to think, but his hopes sinked.
He could not get his donkey out.

Old Mr. McDonnell said, "That donkey is dead."
"I'll never get him out," he said with a pout.
The farmer decided to fill in the well.

With his neighbors helping him, he began to fill it in.
Shovels of dirt were thrown on top of Robert.
The donkey hollered and screamed.

After causing such a riot, the donkey grew quiet.
Mr. McDonnell peered in, and suddenly on his face was a grin.
The donkey was alive and well!

Each time they threw a shovel of dirt or two
on Robert's back and head, he would instead
shake it off and take a step up.

Everyone was amazed and the farmer even dazed
that after shaking off the dirt and emerging unhurt,
Robert stepped over the well's edge and trotted off.

So when life shovels dirt, try to be like Robert.
The trick to getting out is not to die, cry or pout,
but shake it off and take a step up!

Copyright 2001 by Mari