Lovely Girl looked into the mirror

and decided today was the day.

She would take the 7 am to Cross Street,

that was the quickest way

to the LaPatia River Bridge.

She was running late,

rushing to finish last life's details.

You see, she had to jump by eight.


Lovely Girl, whose real name was Paula,

had come upon hard times.

She thought her life wasn't worth living.

She could hear her father's voice in her head like chimes.

"If you can't do it on time, don't do it at all."

He was a demanding cuss.

Unlike Papa, she didn't want to go kicking and screaming,

just a splash, no crying, no fuss.


She started out the door but had to go back

to feed her cat, so he wouldn't be distressed.

It would be several days before her body is found,

wouldn't want him to go supperless.

Damn, it's 7:15! She's going to have to hurry!

She'll have to catch the 7:30 at this rate.

She bolts out the door and briskly walks to destiny.

She's running late, she may not get to jump by eight.


She squeezes through the doors onto the 7:45.

A rigid, vacant seat laid out in front of her.

She took up residence and looked around.

Her last minute entrance barely caused a stir.

She sunk into her seat and stared at the floor.

How cold the LaPatia River must be at this time of year.

Her heart began to beat faster;

she would not make it was her ultimate fear.


So deep in thought of things as they were

She did not notice the handsome guy who sat next to her…

I sat next to a lovely girl with very sad eyes.

I couldn't help but wonder what there underlies.

"Excuse me, do you have the time?"

For a minute the question seemed sublime.

She pulled back her sleeve and looked at her timepiece.

The watch was cracked, I wondered its time had ceased.

"7:55," she said expressionless.

"Job interview at 8:30," I decided to confess

"I think I'll make my appointment, I think I'll be way ahead."

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said,

"I won't."

copyright © 2000 by Mari

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