Charlie the Suicidal Horse

Once upon a time, Charlie was a happy horse in the circus. He pranced and played with the other animals and wore pretty hats and feathers on his head. But one day, the circus closed. Charlie went to live with the circus trainer's mother's friend. She had a house in the city and put Charlie in her 15x10 foot backyard. Charlie hated it there. By the end of the summer, Charlie had ate all the grass in the backyard and kicked over his water barrel numerous times. "I'm worthless," said Charlie. "I'd be better off at the glue factory." Charlie could see the busy street in front of the house from his backyard prision. Sometimes he counted the cars, the SUVs and the semi-trucks that whizzed by in an hour. One night, Charlie broke out of prison by jumping the fence and stood in the middle of the road.

The End.

copyright 2001 by Mari