Sitting beneath the China Tree
Maria was unique
she ate lemon cookies
with the icing of disfavor

And she drank hostility's bitter tea
"Scorn killed the Red Ant,"
she said
"but I love you."

By and by as the sun rose
her garden party
turned to distain
and even the vines hated her arrival

"Stomp and be killed!"
became the war cry of the beast
the army pounced
by a girl's antipathy

Only a sudsy emotion
and a bittersweet pill
will soothe the savage Maria
and save the army of Love

Foremost, the Red Ant
is tired
"One battle at a time!" she said
I detest hate!

Drunk with lifeless victory,
Maria left the garden, the China Tree
and all the distain
in her smokey footprints

Where did she go?
Well to retire of course
among the ewe's contribution
to dream another day

This will no doubt sweeten her disposition!

copyright © 2010 by Mari