The Book of Funerals

So this is how it began
Who brings Delphiniums to a funeral
We decided to pick the spot beneath the willow tree
she wore a cream bubble dress
flirting with the dead should not be allowed

When she placed the Delphiniums on the white pine,
I could hear the silent moans and whispers
of those dead and living
but the unconventionalism stood out among the posies
and my tear stained black dress.

I conspicuously grabbed the delicate flower
and secured it in my pocket
my thumb raked across its gentle leaves,
Then I placed it in his favorite book
thus beginning a journey's tale.

Their gaze slanted toward me. Could spilling
the contents of the book be sacrilege? Gasps
disturbing a quiet ceremony
Delphiniums, cornflowers, a rose petal or two kissed the
ground in an unholy heap.

My clumsiness exposed the book's contents
her half-smile burned a hole
in my dark sunshine. I hope her condo catches fire - a
wish on his funerary box. Afterwards, I went shopping and
bought a bubble dress from Saks.

Copyright 2007 by Mari. All Rights Reserved