It was a hot, hot day
The kind of day
In which the trees
wouldn't even sway,
not even a little bit
  Locust singing their fiery song
And you try to run along
From tree to tree, staying
in the shade for a little while,
but not for long

So on this day, she did it
The weather fit
And like a modern-day story of Cain
The knife's pain she did transmit
Its impact publicized on her white outfit

She killed her sis
A butcher's soul kiss
In the middle of our street
This transgression we can't dismiss
Like we had so many others

Her sister's essence was now gone
Along with the chalky drawing
Sirens in the distance as the butcher rides
The masses now withdrawn
As a breeze blows through the cool of the day

copyright © 2001 by Mari