The sun's on the rise
My eyes are drawn to the horizon
to watch it light up the skies
It is as funny as a comedienne
how it tickles the backs
of the indigenous rocks
and the caterpillar tracks
along the water’s edge of Pandora’s box

I bask all day in a dream
eating forbidden fruit
wearing seafoam green
but keenly astute
And it doesn’t even matter
if along the water’s edge
the bathometer
uproots the umbrella sedge

My heart picks up speed
when I realize the truth
that tweed
not only belongs to the sleuth
but my neighbor the squirrel
who gathers his morning meal
with as much peril
as the waters conceal

I may never go back
because reality is better than weeping
The riverbed’s brownish-black
sand is seeping
into Pandora’s box
and I fear
I will have to break the locks
like a common racketeer

Will I end the dream with a swim
the water’s edge withdraws
very soon I am a victim
of the cold water’s applause
I cry an ocean
Beautiful declining sunset
shot with a cumbersome gun
Pandora’s box is not open yet

Now arrives the water
I stand naked on the ledge
and as a lamb to it's slaughter
I dive from the edge
The sun is on decline
my dream in darkness
disappearing behind the pitch pine
no longer noblesse

copyright © 2005 by Mari
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