When I believe it
I can receive it
And I take my eyes toward the sky
No one can stop me
Your love won't drop me
And in my heart I know the reason why

You are the one that sets my life on fire
You are the one that gives me that intense desire
You are the one I've always dreamed of
You are the perfect fit, a hand to glove.

When I feel lonely
You are the only
One who can satisfy my longing
When I feel frightened
Your arms just tighten
and protect me from the storm the winds brought in

Your precious gift to me has set me free
You were a beacon for all the world to see
You are a foundation from where I can build
Without you I feel empty but with you I feel so fulfilled

You can have everything
And you can lose it in one setting
You can climb mountains
Or simply step on stones
through the water
But it doesn't matter
because what really does
is how you come out of your troubles
in the end...
my friend...

You are my sand
You won't wash away and
You make the finest castles my fantasies dream up
You are my soul bearer
You are my caretaker
You are so comforting like tea in my cup

No other one will sing and ever come along
Brighten my life with verse and song
Because of you I will live with vigor now
all the fear is gone and I want to thank you somehow...


copyright © 2010 by Mari