Venus aligned with Jupiter
The conditon of the dark night
A mixture of labdanum and myrrh
Consumes the lark hike

Our planet, grandiose and insisting
Sits on time's couch and grins
loneliness not worth resisting
If such a thing happens

An amazing occurance now
once in lifetime soon
The calf shown on the cow
As it jumped over the moon


I have been on this planet for a long long time
something about a june moon is so lovely to fondle
this destination can be wonderful and kind
I am wicked and wild, but still fragile

Sex on this planet is an expression jubilee
it is a period at the end of an exotic sentence
the journey is long and lonely
transgressions of a statutory offense

This planet's sun is a moon discussed
My faith is in the minstrel show
I am keeping my eyes focused
when you love me tomorrow

copyright 2003 Mari