The only Santa Claus I knew
Was the watermelon man
Who came to our dark corner
Of the hill in the heartland

Instead of eight tiny reindeer
He drove a blue pickup truck
Words crudely written on the side
Melons: 2 bucks

    Unlike jolly ole St. Nick
He would come several times
During those hot hot summers
Before we could dispose of the rinds

You might find other things...
Like tomatoes, collards, a few onions
But the big seller, no doubt
Was the red fruit melons

People with their money
Held tight in their hand
I'll take this one, Mr. Watermelon Man!

Why was Santa doing it?
Was this his summer humiatrian act?
Or was he laughing on his way down
the dark side of the hill, his hood in his sack?

Copyright 2005 by Mari

The 'fruit' we know as watermelon is in fact Citrullus lanatus. It belongs to the family Curcurbitacae. It is closely related to the cucumber, the pumpkin, and the squash. Being 92% water, the watermelon does not contain any fat or cholesterol, but is an excellent source of vitamins A, B6, C, fiber, potassium and the antioxidant lycopene (lycopene is only in the red varieties).
Four billion pounds of Citrillus lanatus are produced in the United States. That's about fifteen pounds for every American.